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1 item purchased = 1€ donated to an Indonesian family, Wiwin's family. Wiwin is an extraordinary woman who runs a small 'warung'/hut on a beach in Bali. The funds raised will go towards food, school supplies, tuition fees, etc. for Arsen, a wonderful child whom Wiwin has lovingly taken care of for several years ♡

But why Kacang? Pronounced Ka-tchang, it all started a few years ago after meeting an Indonesian stylist at a market in Bali. This person has an inspiring optimism and positivity, and above all an unspeakable generosity and kindness. It is in a small workshop that each piece comes to life thanks to a tailor and his small team. #slowfashion

In the workshop, it's like my family, since the start of this project the goal was to build together, and that each person who contributes can make a living and acquire stability. Unlike fast fashion where human exploitation is commonplace, kacang is about humanity, small-scale production, good moments in life and remuneration of artisans commensurate with the exceptional work carried out.

It is never too late to make a difference, all these large companies which only swear by profit and profitability, to the detriment of people and the planet, will one day have to stop.

In 2021 and 2020, the money collected was donated to Scholars of Sustenance Indonesia food bank.